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Celestial Mechanics and Planetary Dynamics Group

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    Our interests are mainly in the formation and evolution of exo-planetary systems and dynamics of small objects in our Solar system. Mainly research formation mechanism and dynamical evolution of the solar system and extrasolar planetary systems, nonlinear Hamiltonian dynamics theory and its applications in celestial mechanics, orbit and motion stability of small solar-system bodies and satellites and its application in the field of aerospace.
    Team Member
    Prof. Yi-Sui SUN, Prof. Ji-Lin ZHOU, Prof. Li-Yong ZHOU, Dr. Ji-Wei XIE,
    Dr. Jian LI, Dr. Hui ZHANG, Dr. Hui-Gen LIU


We confirmed 54 Kepler exoplanet candidates by TTV(right), which is about half of the No. confirmed by TTV before 2014.
J.W., Xie, 2013, ApJS, 208, 22; J.W., Xie, 2014, ApJS, 210, 25;Yang et al. 2013, ApJ, 778, 110; S.H., Wang et al. 2014, ApJS, 211, 26.

Planetary transit candidates in the CSTAR field: Analysis of the 2008 data, S.H., Wang et al. 2014, ApJS, 211, 26.


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