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Spacecraft Orbit Design and Control

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    Mainly research is dynamics of solar system main-belt asteroids, small near-earth bodies and methods of artificial earth satellite, interplanetary probes, orbital mechanics, etc.
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    Prof. Bo XU, Dr. Xi-Yun HOU, Dr. Jing-Shi TANG, Dr. Han-Lun LEI

Space Science Laboratories


* The Optical & Near-Infrared Solar Eruption Tracer (ONSET), located at Fuxian Lake, Yunnan Province.

* Construction of the Time Domain Survey Telescope (TDST)

  1.TDST focuses on searching of planets around bright star(Vmag<12) near North ecliptic Pole. It will provide the light curves of these bright stars with a high precision. Utilizing the light curves of G, K, F stars, planet candidates with period 1-5 year can be detected.

  2.TDST will give star catalogues around North Ecliptic Pole before TESS, and is helpful to TESS mission. Additionally, the long period planets detected by TDST will be an important complementary for TESS and Plato. Planets around dwarfs are also expected. All these planets are suitable to be followed up by worldwide telescopes.

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