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Personal introduction Biography

Zhang Zhiyu joined the faculty of Nanjing University Since 2019.


Professor, Nanjing University, 2019-present

Postdoc, University of Edinburgh, 2014-2019 

Postdoc, European Southern Observatory, 2014-2019

Ph.D., Purple Mountain Observatory, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2009-2014

M.Sc., Purple Mountain Observatory,  Chinese Academy of Sciences,, 2005-2009

B.Sc.,  Department of Modern Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, 1998-2003

Take Courses Teaching

Astronomical Literature  Reading and Writing (spring 2020)

Lecture Notes - ALRW

Research Field Research Interests

Interstellar medium, radio astronomy, star formation, and galaxy evolution

Scientific interests: 

Radiative transfer between the Cosmic Microwave Background and cold dust and gas of galaxies in the early Universe. 

Physical conditions of dense molecular gas using dense molecular gas (traced by CS, HCN, HCO+, high-J CO, etc.)

Element abundances measured from gas phase

Galactic chemical evolution 

The stellar initial mass function


Cosmic rays

Interaction between supernova remnants and molecular clouds 

Galaxy outflows

Active galactic nuclei 


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