Tenure-track Faculty Positions in School of Astronomy and Space Science, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

The School of Astronomy and Space Science at Nanjing University invites applications from qualified candidates for the tenure-track assistant professor positions. Nine positions are available in total, including

2 in high-energy astrophysics and gravitational wave astronomy,

2 in extragalactic astronomy and cosmology,

2 in extra-solar planets,

1 in solar physics,

1 in astronomical reference system and high precision astrometry and

1 in space science.

The application deadline is January 10, 2021, and the first-round results are expected to be announced by the end of January 2021.


The School is one of the most prestigious Astronomy Schools/Departments in China, and the steady growth has enabled the school to rank highly in all previous China discipline evaluation. The school is currently staffed with 60 faculty, including 4 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and 4 Changjiang distinguished professors. It is a member institute of the SDSS-V project, and has MoU with IRAM and SAO to access IRAM 30m, NoEMA telescopes and Submillimeter Array. The school also runs a Near-Infrared Solar Eruption Tracer (ONSET) telescope for the solar physics and a Time Domain Observatory (TiDO) for time-domain astronomy. In addition, the school started the construction of 2.5m Wide Field & High-resolution Telescope (WeHoT) in late 2019.



Ø  Applicants should have a PhD degree in astronomy or a closely related field.

Ø  Successful candidates should have a proven track record of excellent original research.

Ø  Successful candidates should have the ability to teach core courses at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels

Ø  Demonstrated capacity or potential for future innovation in research and teaching are essential.


Application materials

Ø  Curriculum vitae with publication records

Ø  Research statement (3 pages for text)

Ø  Research plan (3 pages for text)

Ø  Three letters of recommendation

Ø  Teaching statement (1 page for text)


Included Benefits

Ø  The standard of remuneration is no less than RMB 400,000 YUAN before tax per year, depending on the experiences and qualifications.

Ø  The start-up research funding is no less than RMB 1,000,000 YUAN.

Ø  Housing subsidies are available.

Ø  The school will help fellows out with children’s entrance to NJU affiliated kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school.


Contact Information

Ms. Yan YANGEmail: yangyan@nju.edu.cnTel: 86-25-89681240